My identity

Sasza, 24 years old

“When I was 16 years old I was absolutely against reunification with Moldova. It's what they teach you at school. Then.... read more & listen to the podcast

We defeated fascism

"We were always told that the Red Army was like a savior, and liberated world from fascism..... ​read more & listen to podcast

Women also went to war

Ievdonija Filipovna, 95 years old - write.... read more & listen to podcast

Perestroika destroyed our life

"When Stalin died I was crying so strong. We all did..... ​read more & listen to podcast​​​

Suitcase - Train - Rusia

“The slogan ‘Suitcase – Train – Russia’ sticks with me to this day. They wanted to throw us out of here and look.... ​read more​​​

Putin is my friend

Facebook asked me to remove picture with Putin from my profile, and than they speak about freedom of speach?? ..... read more

Proud of my country

"In Europe people have a very bad image about us. They always show us as a very sad, gray, poor country. Why?.... read more

Identity will not feed you

“I’m not going to sacrifice myself for a country that has nothing to offer me,” says Olga, 22, who dreams of being an actress in Europe... read more

This is my land too!

“My whole family was born here and those that left after independence have to apply for a visa to visit us... read more & listen to podcast

My mother's dream

"I would like people to sit up and talk with the willingness to really listen each other. Separations and divisions do not bring anything good...  read more & listen to podcast

Little Switzerland

"When they declared independence, they promised us that we were going to build a little Switzerland here. We believed it. Why not? We had potential."... read more

Business is Business

“It’s a normal country, not a museum! We don’t ride through the streets on horses and we don’t spend our days staring at Lenin! ... read more & listen to podcast

Dressed like western Europeans

“85 per cent of our production is made for foreign companies. We have to deliver them a finished product, with the company’s brand on it  .... read more & listen to podcast

Who is gonna help us?

Write intro here - Timor read more

Phone from KGB

Write intro about the exhibition & listen podcast 

Between East & West: Post-Soviet World

Between East & West is a multimedia documentary project about how post-soviet regions.
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